Fiat Professional Neuigkeiten

Here comes the new Fiat Professional Ducato Minibus

• A new people-carrier version with 14 or 17 seats (including the driver), plus the driver is joining the versatile range of the Fiat Professional best-seller. • Available in two lengths (L4 and L5), both with raised roof (H2).

Fiat and Fiat Professional are amongst the prize-winners at the "Bea World – Best Events Awards"

• “Bea World – Best Events Awards”, the most important international festival dedicated to live communication events, was staged in the beautiful city of Porto. • In the car's60th anniversary year, "The Fiat 500 Forever Young Experience", dedicated to the brand's icon, won two Bronzes, one representing a first for car manufacturers.

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Fiat Fullback   Fiat Talento
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Fiat Fiorino   Fiat Doblò Cargo
Fiat Ducato