Fiat Professional Neuigkeiten

Ducato, Quality and Freedom from Fiat Professional

• Ducato presents unique quality in terms of comfort, engines, transmissions and safety and has always been naturally ready for motorhome conversion. • It has been made in the Sevel Plant in Atessa, Val di Sangro, the largest plant in Europe for light commercial vehicles, since 1981.

Tony Cairoli triumphs at the "Fiat Professional MXGP di Lombardia”

• The thrilling race on the Ottobiano circuit highlighted all the nine-times World Champion's true grit. • With this win the Italian rider is approaching the lead of the scoreboard as the championship is about to get heated.

The FIM MXGP Motocross World Championship comes to Ottobiano in partnership with Fiat Professional

• The FCA Group brand dedicated to commercial vehicles is Title Sponsor of the “Fiat Professional MXGP of Lombardia”. • This is the eleventh round of the championship, which takes place in Ottobiano (PV). • Tony Cairoli is at home in Ottobiano: here the champion always receives a warm boost from the public.

Fiat Professional: The Best Partner for the Pros

The new Fiat Professional communication campaign is on air. The international platform focuses on the importance of turning to the expertise and reliability of vehicles designed by professionals for professionals for work in a funny, ironic way

Fiat Neuigkeiten

Exclusive Fiat 500 Spiaggina ’58 is the special birthday tribute to Fiat 500

• Today marks both the birthday of the Fiat icon and the 60th anniversary of the famous 500 Jolly Spiaggina, the legendary little car's first special series and symbol of the “Dolce Vita”. • For the dual celebration, the Fiat brand presents the new 500 Spiaggina ‘58, the exclusive special series with ultra-chic design touches and a lavish standard outfit.

Three-hundred and sixty-five Pandas welcome Panda Waze – It’s a record!

• The Fiat Panda gathering in Pandino beats all records and becomes the biggest Panda meeting in the world. • The guest of honour was the new Panda Waze, the first city car to proudly display the Waze name and integrate the Waze navigation app into the Panda Uconnect app, as well as being the most socially connected Panda ever.

Panda Waze: the most social city car ever

• New milestone for the record-breaking Panda:Panda Waze is the first city car to bear the Waze name, integrating the Waze navigation app as well as being the most social media savvy Panda ever. • Waze is much more than just a navigator: it avoids traffic, it guides you to the service station and it even reminds you where you parked.

Even more awards for "The Fiat 500 Forever Young Experience" project

• The Fiat 500 European tour triumphs at MediaStars, the prestigious advertising industry competition. • Two golds awarded in the “Event” and “Mediastar/Promotion" sections.

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