Fiat Professional Neuigkeiten

Jorge Prado Triumphs in Imola

• The twentieth and final round of the season was a walk in the park for Jorge Prado, who was crowned world champion in Imola, Italy. • The young Spanish talent finished in first place in the race in Italy. There was no better way to celebrate his well-deserved MX2 title.

Six million vehicles at Sevel, the Ducato plant

• The Val di Sangro industrial site has passed the milestone of six million vehicles built. • The vehicle that reached the magical figure is a Ducato Natural Power, representing the Fiat Professional natural gas range, the widest on the market.

Fiat Neuigkeiten

Panda Raid 2019, Fiat Panda Cross is the Champion of the Desert

• Three thousand kilometres, seven stages and some 400 crews. These are the numbers of the Panda Raid, a regularity rally reserved for 4x2 and 4x4 Panda cars made before 2003. • From Madrid to Marrakesh, on desert trails across endless landscapes. • The same course was traversed by the new Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 with a symbolic handover between the time-honoured explorer of the 1980s and the current champion of European cities.

Fiat Press conference held by Olivier François at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show

Olivier François, Global Head of Fiat Brand and Chief Marketing Officer FCA, introduced some important news to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Fiat in the press conference at the 2019 International Geneva Motor Show (follow this link for the video).

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