Fiat Professional Neuigkeiten

Jorge Prado Triumphs in Belgium

• The young Spanish talent was the star of the fifteenth round of MX2 and won in Lommel. • This success puts Jorge Prado in the lead of the championship.

MXGP and MX2: Fiat Professional Stars in Belgium

• The FCA Group brand dedicated to commercial vehicles is Title Sponsor of the “Fiat Professional MXGP of Belgium”. • The fifteenth round of the championship will be staged in Lommel on August 5. • The spotlight

Fiat Neuigkeiten

The New Fiat 500X sets Turin alight

• The media drive involved 200 journalists from 20 countries, subdivided into 5 groups, with a total of more than 12,000 kilometres travelled. • The event revealed the urban and crossover spirit of the new model, produced in a complete, connected range, rich in technological contents and with the new "FireFly" Turbo engines.

The new advertising campaign for the New 500X is now on air: a journey through time to discover that the future is already here

• “New 500X - A Taste of Tomorrow. Today” is the title of the new communication campaign dedicated to the Fiat Italian crossover inspired by the film “Back to the Future”*. • Launched in preview on the Fiat social channels – over 32 million views in just 11 days, best result ever for FCA –, the irresistible short movie features a young couple catapulted from the Sixties into the present day, where they find themselves at the wheel of the New Fiat 500X.

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